Let’s survive the coronavirus pandemic

That didn’t take long

Nine days ago I predicted that the next president of the United States will be one of the state governors. I wrote:

By the time the election rolls around in November, the US will have gone through its worst ordeal in living memory. For the survivors, it will be like having lived through a war…

Everyone will know that the incompetence of those federal officials cost millions of lives…

For the first time in many decades, Americans will become serious and will want a genuinely capable president…

Right now there are no famous American governors. That is about to change. Some of them are going to shine. And one of them — maybe somebody that most Americans have never heard of yet, from a small state — will be the next president.

Nine days later, Governor Cuomo of New York is shining brilliantly. What a difference between this man and the one in the White House.

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