Let’s survive the coronavirus pandemic

The next president of the United States will not be Donald Trump or Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders

The next president of the United States will be one of the state governors. Let me explain why.

By the time the election rolls around in November, the US will have gone through its worst ordeal in living memory. For the survivors, it will be like having lived through a war. Every voter will have watched the deaths of relatives and friends. Everyone will understand that this catastrophe could have been averted if the US had done what other countries including China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan began to do in February. They will also understand that the reason why these things weren’t done was the mediocrity of Trump, HHS, CDC, FDA, and Congress. Everyone will know that the incompetence of those federal officials cost millions of lives.

For the first time in many decades, Americans will become serious and will want a genuinely capable president. I’m not talking about politics or ideology. I’m talking about a genuinely high level of ability. If it’s not obvious to you that Trump, Biden, and Sanders are mediocrities, it will be obvious by November, because if you are still alive in November, you will be more serious then. All of us will be.

There’s also a pretty good chance that some or all of them will be dead by November, because they spend most of their time meeting many other people face to face and because they are old.

As the summer wears on and the pandemic rages, some of the governors will do significant things in their states to make up for the federal government’s incompetence. By the time November rolls around, a few of these governors will be the most respected politicians in the US, because they will have saved lives. They will have demonstrated by their actions that they are genuinely capable.

All politicans claim to be talented, skilled, and capable. Amost none of them really are. Why would they be? Their actual work, the way they spend their time, is shaking hands and pretending to share their constituents’ opinions and promising to do things that they can’t do. The profession that is most similar to “politician” is “actor”.

Most of the governors are probably typical politicians, but there are fifty of them, and it will turn out that a few of them have real talent and ability.

Right now there are no famous American governors. That is about to change. Some of them are going to shine. And one of them — maybe somebody that most Americans have never heard of yet, from a small state — will be the next president.

P.S. Do I really believe this? No, I don’t, because I don’t think most people are capable of recognizing exceptionally talented individuals. But it’s a nice fantasy, and who knows, it might come true.

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